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General contractors understand that the accurate estimating of all things from concrete to plumbing are the cornerstone to profitability.

PlanSwift’s ability to both accurately and rapidly calculate expenses and future profits has seen it become the construction industry’s #1 takeoff and estimating software.

Why Planswift?

PlanSwift assists in reducing takeoff time while increasing the accuracy of construction estimates.

Abolish manual plan takeoffs! Significantly reduce the chance of miscalculating or forgetting materials and items! PlanSwift can assist you to automate your estimating immediately. By using industry standard formats, such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, DWG, DXF and more, PlanSwift allows you to import plans.

PlanSwift lets you view, measure and markup plans directly on your computer screen! Quickly and easily calculate anything from Frame materials to tonnes of sand required. Perimeters, square metres and volumes of simple and complex areas are quickly calculated. Eliminate repetitive tasks and save time throughout the job process!

A staff of experienced estimators will quickly show you how PlanSwift works with your own plans.

All popular digital plan formats can be imported; from scanned images to AutoCAD files. Output your estimates directly via Excel or your own estimating application. Material lists can be created quickly through the simple ability to build material assemblies.

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PlanSwift is an estimating software program that makes takeoffs a breeze. If it’s coloured in, it’s counted! PlanSwift can load scanned plans as well as import directly from .TIF, .PDF, .DXF, .DWF, .DWG, .JPG, and more. PlanSwift can also download plans directly from many online plan rooms.

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