Easily Access Databuild Catalog Items and Recipes

PlanSwift + Databuild Integration

The PlanSwift + Databuild integration is designed to allow for takeoffs in PlanSwift using Databuild catalogue items and Recipes. The integration also provides features which improve the overall Databuild experience, helping to reduce errors.

DBxConnector for Live Items & Recipes

DBxConnector is the solution for 

  • Direct Takeoffs from Databuild Items and Recipes
  • Easily Search your Live Databuild Database.
  • Customise and Streamline your Workflow.
  • Save Time and Reduce Error.

Expand Recipes with Real-Time Tree view

DBxConnector allows you to

  • Expand Recipes with a Real Time Live Tree View
  • View Sub Items, Pricing and Formula’s for use with your Project.
  • Identify Outdated and Archived Prices Quickly.

Custom Templates for Efficient Item Organisation

DBxConnector allows you to

  • Create Templates to suit your needs
  • Customise Templates to simplify  workflow and Item Organisation.
  • Share Templates with Other Users
  • Streamline Workflow, Get Organised and Improve Accuracy.

Save your Favourite Items and Recipes

DBxConnector allows you to

  • Quickly Access Frequently used Items.
  • Quickly Search Items and Save as Favourites
  • Improved Workflow, Improved Accuracy and Improved Efficiency.

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PlanSwift is an estimating software program that makes takeoffs a breeze. If it’s coloured in, it’s counted! PlanSwift can load scanned plans as well as import directly from .TIF, .PDF, .DXF, .DWF, .DWG, .JPG, and more. PlanSwift can also download plans directly from many online plan rooms.

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